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All About Pomegranate

with herbalist, John Slattery

Mission Gardens

Tucson, AZ


September 7, 2019



Wondering how to make the best use of the pomegranates in your garden this summer?

Join local herbalist and author John Slattery for an in depth look at a variety of ways we can preserve pomegranates and utilize various parts of the plant. A traditional food and medicine from the Mediterranean to southern Asia for millennia, pomegranate can be eaten fresh, fermented, made into vinegar, or made into a tea for a great variety of health benefits.

We’ll discuss several traditional preparations as well as go through the steps of fermenting pomegranate juice. Then we’ll taste a variety of preparations made from the fruit juice as well as other parts of the plant.  


All participants should experience an enhanced appreciate for this ancient cultivar while perhaps learning new ways to preserve its fruit and utilize its medicine. 

A list of requested materials will be provided upon registration.


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