• Glengarriff Lodge
  • Ireland

Glengarriff Forest Gathering 

Glengarriff, County Kerry, Ireland

September 21, 2019

Autumnal Equinox

Ancestral Healing, Ancestral Wisdom, A Bioregional Herbalist’s Relationship with Mother Nature 


An herbalist’s relationship with Nature, and an understanding of how she heals, is as important as their knowledge of the properties of herbs. Represented in the ancient cross-quarter day festivals of Ireand are rituals centered on the element of fire. This fire is said to reside in the head and is our true inspiration, our connection to the great intelligence of life within us and surrounding us. 

Although much has changed in the composition of cultures across the Earth over time, the ancestral wisdom still lives within the springs, the forested hills, the canyons, the seashore. The elements are very much alive within us and all around us. Integrating this perspective in our work with plants for healing opens up new and vast possibilities that the rational realm cannot contain nor fathom.

Surrendering to the fire from within is to surrender to something greater than ourself, yet intrinsically part of ourself. A wisdom which can guide us along our journey through healing, through nature, throughout all of life. 

Join herbalist John Slattery for this weaving of story and deep relationship with Mother Nature, or Bríd herself, along the path our ancestors have laid before us and the call to return to our place at her side.

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