Herbal Medicine Making with Native Plants

with herbalist, John Slattery

Mission Gardens

Tucson, AZ


July 27, 2019


Mission Gardens in Tucson

Mission Gardens in Tucson

Join local herbalist and author John Slattery in the first of a series of forthcoming classes at the Mission Gardens. The initial class will be an exploration of herbal medicine from a bioregionalist’s perspective. We’ll observe and discuss native medicinal plants at the Mission Gardens as well as prepare a tincture from fresh medicinal plants.

The summer is a fantastic time to be making herbal remedies as plants begin to flourish in response to the summer rains in both the garden and throughout the natural landscape.

Mission Gardens’ Orchard

Mission Gardens’ Orchard

In addition to hands-on, step-by-step instruction in creating our herbal tincture John will also provide guidance in applying these herbal remedies. 

Coming to know the plants, and the places in which they grow, more intimately we can begin to have a deeper understanding of how we can apply these medicines in order to maintain well-being and harmonize with our local environment. 

We’ll explore the additional topics such as plant energetics, introducing native plants to your home landscape, and the ethics of gathering medicinal plants from the wild.

Processing Ocotillo bark for tincture

Processing Ocotillo bark for tincture

Understanding the energetics of plants and applying them in our daily lives is ultimately getting a feeling for our own individual makeup as well as a relationship with the seasons and the elements as they exist in our local environment.

No prior knowledge of herbal medicine is necessary to attend this class. All levels of experience are welcome. Additionally, all materials will be provided.


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