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Herbal Medicine Making & the Energetics of Summer: Learn your Tendency towards Disease and How to Prepare Herbal Medicines to Help Yourself & Your Family

with herbalist, John Slattery

Santa Ana, CA

June 1, 2019

Saturday 10a-1p  

Workshop fee - $55


The summer is a fantastic time to be making herbal remedies as flowering plants are often abundant in the garden and throughout the natural landscape. But how can we optimize our personal usage of herbs during the summer?

“Biohacking” is a popular term that focuses on biochemical discoveries which are aimed at optimizing the function of the human body, whether neurological, digestive, metabolic, cognitive abilities, and so forth. 

But there’s a distinctly different approach to tapping into our innate potential and guarding against illness which doesn’t require sophisticated tests to ascertain our particular deficiencies, nor does it require a sophisticated understanding of biochemistry, neuroendocrinology, or plant pharmacology for that matter.

This is what we now call Plant Energetics. Understanding the Nature of a plant through its particular energetics is an essential aspect of our ancient relationship with the Earth, whether considered a folk medicine or complex philosophical system of healing.

Understanding the energetics of plants and applying them in our daily lives is ultimately getting a feeling for our own individual makeup as well as a relationship with the seasons and the elements as they exist in our local environment. 

In other words, paying close attention to what we feel and what we see around us. An ancient, seemingly lost art of being human. 


Join John for this Herbal Energetics Intensive to discover more about your own tendencies towards imbalance, how to begin observing the natural elements around you that may influence these potential imbalances (within ourselves and others), and a variety of herbs we can work with from the local landscape, or the local grocery store or herb shop.

We will also be exploring some herbal medicine making ideas which are perfect for the summer season during this class. All materials will be provided for and everyone will be going home with some herbal medicine we’ll make during this class using primarily locally grown herbs.

Space is strictly limited for this intensive as it will be held within a beautiful home with a variety of plants we’ll use growing in the garden right outside. So be sure to register quickly if this subject matter interests you.

If you would also like to experience some field study with John while he’s visiting Orange county, be sure to sign up for his Healing with Wild Plants on Friday, May 31 to be held near Silverado.  

PAST WORKSHOP: Herbal Medicine Making & the Energetics of Summer

Individual registration 

No Refunds after May 18

No Pets allowed. Please inquire about children 14 and under

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