• Silverado, CA

Healing with Wild Plants: How to Tap into their Power and Wisdom to bring Healing into our Lives 

with herbalist & forager, John Slattery

Earthroot Field School

Trabuco Canyon, CA

May 31, 2019

Friday 9a-1p  

Workshop fee - $45 


Join herbalist John Slattery for a walk through the canyon discovering the healing potential of the wild plants.

This class will explore some of the opportunities available to us when we can begin to deeply connect with the wild plants that grow around us.

John will facilitate several meditations and discussions as we walk the land at Big Oak listening and observing what the plants have to share with us that day. This class will be deeply experiential, profoundly inquisitive, and potentially very rewarding for those who participate. 

Although not information-driven in the sense that the facilitator will be delivering a great deal of the information he has to share about these plants, the information gleaned will be perfectly relevant, and perhaps unique to, each individual present at this class.

Participants will learn some names for plants, experience how to identify them in a variety of ways, and participate in a unique but ancient form of knowledge gathering that John has been leading groups on for several years now.

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Each person brings something special to this exploration and it is through the practice of listening and observing with a tranquil mind that we will begin to tap into the potential that exists right before us, and all around us. 

The methods and principles introduced and experienced in this class are the foundation for developing a lifelong healing relationship with plants and Nature as a whole. 

No prior experience with plants, or knowledge of herbalism is necessary to participate in this class. In fact, the less we think we know as we embark on this journey, the greater the chances of us discovering something new about ourselves and the world in which we live.


Where comfortable walking shoes and appropriate attire to be out in Nature for this time of year (i.e. protection from the sun). You are welcome to bring a light snack, but we will not break for lunch until the class is over. 

Join bioregional herbalist, John Slattery for this experiential herbalism workshop to begin to transform your approach to working with plants. 

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Our specific meetup location, with driving directions, including any further required info for the class will be provided upon registration. 

Hope to see you there!

PAST WORKSHOP: Healing with Wild Plants

Individual registration 

No Refunds after May 17

No Pets allowed. Please inquire about children 14 and under

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