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  • Tempe, AZ

Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine

Tempe, AZ

Friday-Sunday, March 29-31, 2019 

John’s Classes:

Field Study, Superstition Mountains - Friday, March 29, 8a-12p 

Wild Fermentation - Sunday, March 31

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Field Study Description

Becoming a Bioregional Herbalist: How we develop relationship with plants

Throughout time, herbalists’ training has begun by developing relationship with the plants that grow around them. This involved long hours of observation and contemplation with guidance from experienced elders, often beginning at a very young age. Now, most, if not all of our training is derived from books, lectures, scientific studies, and video trainings with very little knowledge being passed from plant-to-person, our original, and primary, or foundational, mode of learning about plants.

Join bioregional herbalist, John Slattery, for a walk through a diverse Sonoran desert landscape where multiple habitats converge as we explore the various modes of gathering knowledge about plants as medicine. We’ll focus on direct observation of plants, and receptivity to transmission of knowledge and healing from plants, which can be referred to as experiencing the Nature of plants. John has been honing these exercises and this approach to working with wild plants for well over a decade. The material is deep and powerful, yet accessible to any and all who put their awareness into receptivity from the plants. 

We’ll also explore all the aspects of becoming a bioregional herbalist through experience, knowledge sharing, and exploration.


Wild Fermentation

Fermentation is wild! And, yes, it's naturally occurring... all around us, and within us. In this workshop, John will be demonstrating and discussing the basics of lacto-fermentation, wild yeast starters, and a step-by-step process to achieve unique, tasty, and healthful combinations from a variety of fruits. There will be several samples for everyone to taste throughout the class.

We often forget that fruits are herbs, too. We’ll look at some of the healing properties of fruits as they transform through the process of fermentation. Herbs can be utilized in various forms during the fermentation process just as mugwort, yarrow, hops and many other herbs have been used in fermentation for millennia. 

Learn to create vibrant, tasty, and healing beverages for personal use or for your patients. Just as kombucha is made with green or black tea, we can use herbal infusions as a base for our fermentations enhancing absorption and assimilation. The possibilities are endless!  

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