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  • USA

Bioregional Herbalism: from the Stone Age to the Present


with primitive skills and desert wilderness specialist, David Holladay

& herbalist and forager, John Slattery


Boulder, UT

June 14-15, 2018

2 Full Days


Workshop fee - $250

*On Sale through May 28 - $220



Join herbalist John Slattery and primitive skills specialist and wilderness guide, David Holladay for an intensive exploration of the wild plants of the southern Utah desert and canyon landscape. This journey will be a unique, one-of-a-kind experience into the wildlands of our hearts and souls as well as the natural landscape of David's homeland near Boulder, Utah. John has had the privilege of working with David within the setting of several traditional skills gatherings from the Navajo Nation, Winter Count, and the Buckeye Gathering in northern California. This matchup of two highly knowledge experts on traditional usage of plants in the Southwest provides an in-depth look into how the participants can develop deep relationship with wild plants, integrate them into their lives in various ways stemming from pre-Columbian plant usage to modern day edible and medicinal applications.

 Bioregional herbalism is a thing of the past. So old it is new again. It’s the way that people all over the world are seeking to engage with plants in their backyards once again to find inspiration and the tools for optimal nourishment for their physical body as well as their soul, and the tools to take care of themselves and their community members with integrity, effectiveness, and compassion.

Learning to become a bioregional herbalist is as simple as going for a walk. Many walks. Spending time observing Nature, looking at plants closely and talking to elders within your community to gain new information. Learning about plants which naturally grow and thrive around you by developing relationship with the place in which you live is part of who we are, each and every one of us. When we wake up to this we open up to a whole new world of learning and healing.

Red rock canyon country of southern Utah

Red rock canyon country of southern Utah

Deep connection through continued observation is the foundation for a bioregional herbalist. Knowledge is derived from experience, and wisdom through continued practice and observation of Nature (people, place, and plants). Learning about the plants found naturally occurring around us, in their natural habitat, begins to deepen our relationship to place. Little by little, patterns begin to emerge which inform us as to how we can use plants for medicine. 

The Instructors


David Holladay

David is known for his unusual stories, his exuberant energy for all things wild and free, his extensive knowledge of living in the desert wilderness simply from what one may find while walking the Earth, his wide knowledge of plant usage in the Southwest from food to medicine to a variety of highly useful tools, did I mention his stories? ... his tremendous generosity in teaching, and his love for the natural world. David has been an outdoor skills instructor for several decades and has appeared both on and off screen as featured talent and a specialistskills advisor on numerous television shows.

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John Slattery

John has come to find that all the beautiful things in his life have come his way through his work with plants, directly, or indirectly. He's passionate about sharing this love for the wild plants of the Earth with those who feel the calling as well. The possibilities and potential rewards of this work are endless. As an herbalist, instructor, and author John is dedicated to helping people rise up to their greatest potential through the power of working with wild plants.


If you are called to develop relationship with the plants around you for food and medicine, but unsure how to begin, then this workshop is just for you.


If you have been gathering knowledge about the plants around you, but would like to go deeper, this workshop is also for you.




In this experiential workshop we will explore the core concepts and principles of becoming a bioregional herbalist as we go for a walk exploring the local vegetation. We'll explore plant identification, landscape observation, respectful wildcrafting and participation with our environment, plant energetics, developing and exercising the senses (particularly the feeling sense), herbal medicine making, making and utilizing stone age tools for gathering, processing, and storing wild plants, and so much more.


Additionally, the exercises in this workshop will introduce the participant to a method of learning which is empowering, distinctly individualized, unusually contextual, and highly experiential. 


Bringing together concepts which are deeply familiar, yet widely applicable serves to uplift the participant to a new level of growth and learning.


deep immersion into the world of plants...

deep immersion into the world of plants...

Join bioregional herbalists, John Slattery and David Holladay for this experiential immersion with wild plants. This experience can transform your approach to working with plants and provide a whole new insight into working with wild plants. Starting in your own backyard you can become a master of the wild food and medicine that grows within arm’s reach. Then begin to branch out with the basic skills, principles, and practices learned in this workshop to continually learn more about your local environment including unique ways to apply the herbal medicines you discover. Becoming equipped with a hands-on approach to learning about plants in your environment can open up many opportunities for gaining unique knowledge about the plants you work with, and support further research into the ethnobotany and scientific research of other cultures across the globe. 


Our specific meetup location including any further required info for the class will be provided upon registration. 


The discounted price is only available until May 28!! 

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