• Alpine, AZ

Bioregional Herbalism: Wilderness Medicine Journey

with herbalist & forager, John Slattery

near Alpine, AZ

September 9-10, 2017  

*Overnight camping

In this 2-day workshop we will explore the fundamental aspects of becoming a bioregional herbalist: developing relationship with place and the plants within it. This endeavor leads us to the study of field botany, respectful wildcrafting and participation with our environment, plant energetics, landscape observation, developing and exercising the senses (particularly the feeling sense), herbal medicine making, and applying these medicines for well-being and healing utilizing our knowledge of the ecology and plant energetics. 

If you feel called to develop relationship with the plants around you for food and medicine, but unsure how to begin, then this workshop is just for you.

Also, if you have been gathering knowledge about the plants around you, but would like to go deeper, this workshop is also for you.

As a group, we'll explore various aspects of what becoming a bioregional herbalist means. The exercises in this workshop will introduce the participant to a method of learning which is empowering, distinctly individualized, unusually contextual, and highly experiential encouraging growth and healing on many levels. 


Whether your path is simply one of curiosity or you feel a deep, inexplicable pull to walk this road, you will find powerful tools in this workshop to realize what you are after.  


There are many important aspects of becoming a bioregional herbalist. First and foremost is a deep relationship with the place you are in. As an herbalist, our focus is primarily on plants, but we can diffuse our focus peripherally into the landscape which contains and nourishes these plants to pull in a broader context. This 2-day workshop ties together pragmatic approaches to learning about our environment with the feeling relationship that extends to all living things. This feeling relationship is as real for us as any data or information conveyed by the experts in this field.

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We’ll take the time to explore the basics of identifying plants in the field according to the science of botanical taxonomy. This will offer the participant an intimate perspective on the plants we work with while enlivening the curiosity of the student. We’ll also be exploring plant energetics throughout the weekend as we meet new plants and discuss them while viewing, experiencing, and ingesting preparations made from these plants. This workshop is a full immersion in the experience of learning plants as medicine; plants as living entities.


Join bioregional herbalist, John Slattery, for this intensive workshop to transform your approach to working with plants. Becoming equipped with a hands-on approach to field botany can open up many opportunities for gaining unique knowledge about the plants you work with, and support further research into the ethnobotany and scientific research of other cultures across the globe. 

We will be camping on Saturday night as a group at a primitive & dry group camp site. However, if necessary, participants can choose to stay in nearby Alpine, AZ at a rental cottage (approximately 45 minutes from our camp site). It's suggested that all non-local participants spend the night near Alpine on September 8 to arrive by 9a on Saturday, September 9.

A list of all recommended materials and further details regarding the workshop will be emailed upon registration.  

Space is limited. 

Feedback from previous workshop participants:

John,  I wanted to reach out and let you know how grateful I am for the truly unique learning experience you provide in your herb walks. 
  Initially, I found your methods a bit unexpected. I'm more familiar with a mechanical style to learning, from the conventional school system. However, your teaching style is far more intuitive & thoughtful. I also genuinely enjoy the personal stories you share. These are the details that further add to the exceptional experience you offer.
 I feel I have learned far more about myself & my own relationship to the natural world then I expected. I sometimes feel awkward & fearful in this new desert terrain. After taking your classes, I have gained a new level of comfort & deeper sense of connection to the natural world.   Deeply grateful, Brooke

...I have now seen the intelligence of plants to heal in a way that is unique to each and every individual - with simply the power of presence and connection. Plants are indeed sentient, having the sensitivity to meet each individual where they are, and gently provide what is needed to that individual at that particular time and place. I am grateful to have had this experience with the lovely Oak our group encountered. ...Explicitly, the intention and setting provided by your class is exactly that which can help to restore the fundamental intimacy with each individual, to the world that exists outside of the self. ... - Sarah

PAST WORKSHOP - Bioregional Herbalism: Wilderness Medicine Journey

September 9-10, 2017

Workshop fee for 1 individual

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