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Acorns are a widely available, highly nutritive food source which can be made into a wide variety of delicious foodstuffs from bread, pancakes, biscuits, pastries, pasta, stew, soup, and other unique creations.

Join John for this highly informative demonstration getting you started on how to process acorns and begin creating delicious meals at home.

In this class we'll experience creating edible flour from sun-dried acorns. Foraged Gambel's oak acorns (Quercus gambelii) will be fully processed into a leached flour through hands-on instruction. All the basic principles of acorn processing will be discussed and covered in this workshop. Not all acorns are alike, but all acorns can be eaten - most need to be processed first.

We'll wrap up the presentation by enjoying a slice of delicious gluten-free acorn bread with other wild ingredients!

making acorn flour

making acorn flour

This workshop fee is $10 as part of the Gila River Festival in Silver City, NM.