Healing through the Spirit of Plants

with herbalist, John Slattery

Tucson, AZ

Thursday, September 14, 2017




Plants can heal. And plants can do this for us in a myriad of ways. One profound way is to simply be present with the living plants in their natural habitat. We connect, and we follow. 

I offer myself as your guide through this healing journey into the spirit world of plants. Plants express their Nature in a variety of ways, and we all have our unique abilities to perceive these expressions and communications. We just have to be present and tune in.

We’ll sit with a single plant in its natural habitat, and we’ll engage with it through guided meditation. What transpires remains to be seen, but in my experience, it is always fruitful, always enlightening, and often deeply healing, regardless of your level of knowledge or experience with plant medicine. 

As facilitator, I dedicate myself to guiding the group safely through this experience into the depths of the space inhabited by our feeling sense, seeking to find the authentic medicine, insight, or vision awaiting each participant. 

Come with an open mind, a willingness to participate through your innate feeling sense, and we will go forward together as a group of intrepid explorers into this vast terrain of the Heart, well-attended by our friends of the plant kingdom. 

Class size is limited. 

Please pre-register by emailing: john@johnjslattery.com

Meet-up location will be given upon registration.

By donation.


John J Slattery

Tucson, AZ

© 2017