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Are acorns edible?  

Most certainly, yes. On all accounts!


southern live oak acorns (Quercus virginiana)

southern live oak acorns (Quercus virginiana)


The urban landscape of the Phoenix metropolitan area possesses 1,000s of southern live oak trees, each of which produce abundant acorns every winter. Yet, many don’t know these acorns are edible. Not only are they edible, humans have eaten more acorns than any other food on the planet!


Acorns are experiencing a resurgence in popularity after being our main food in the northern hemisphere for many thousands of years. Do you feel uncertain how to make food with acorns growing abundantly in your home town?


Urban Foraging!

Interested in acorns but feeling intimidated about what to do with acorns, or how to make them edible? In this information-packed, hands-on workshop, herbalist, forager, and author, John Slattery, will take the participants through all the steps for processing acorns for food, and provide recipes for preparing your fresh acorn meal. John has been working with these particular acorns for the past decade and has integrated them into his regular diet. They are highly nutritious, locally abundant, and delicious!


We’ll begin with a short presentation on the global history of acorns as food. Then the magic begins as we take unshelled acorns and turn them into a ready to use flour. All participants will have an opportunity to join inthe process helping to make this skill stick. To wrap up the event, we’ll enjoy a special acorn treat prepared by the instructor himself.



making acorn flour

making acorn flour


Information handouts on the class content be will available, so note-taking is not essential for this class. However, you are welcome to bring a notebook and camera if you like. 




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