• Maricopa, AZ

 The principles of becoming a bioregional herbalist are, at their heart, about relationship. Here, our primary focus is on the relationship to plants firmly rooted in an ongoing relationship to plants. This has been the foundation of my Sonoran Herbalist Apprenticeship Program over the past 7 years. Within the context of the place, we can view plants and people and begin making applications of plants for how we heal. We can see the nature of the plants revealed within their chosen place within the landscape and how they respond to the seasons, the elements. Becoming a bioregional herbalist is attuning ourselves to these processes, and seeking fluidity with these changes.

This 3 hour plant walk will introduce the participants to the basic principles of bioregional herbalism through story, interaction with plants, including participatory exercises, discussion of plant energetics, how to develop one's own "curriculum" and, if available, a short and simple medicine-making exercise upon return to camp.

No materials necessary.

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