Many simply comprehend a “sea of green” when they begin their path to becoming an herbalist, or developing relationship with the plants near their home. The lack of any introduction to the green world of plants can make learning about them (let alone identifying them!) a rather daunting task.

... learning to appreciate the details.. .

... learning to appreciate the details...

This full day field class serves to prepare the budding herbalist, forager, or otherwise inspired plant enthusiast with a foundational approach to identifying plants in the field. All the basic structural and reproductive parts of the plants will be covered with a variety of examples in the field. Each participant will be encouraged to feel, smell, and taste (when appropriate) as well as closely observe the plants we see. 

Scientific nomenclature will be explained and given for each plant with an additional emphasis on making connections across plant families, thus further enabling the participant to make positive identifications in the field. 
We will explore the skill of “keying out” plants together as a group.
By the end of the class, participants should feel enabled to make positive identifications with previously unknown plants by utilizing common resources or plant ID guides. 

Combine this class with Wildcrafting & Herbal Medicine-Making (11/9) for a discounted rate. 

Handouts with botanical terms and a listing of local plant ID resources will be provided.